Asus RT-66U enable SNMP


1. Enable Telnet on your ASUS Router.
2. Find a USB stick and put in in one of the slots on the ASUS Router.
3. Login to your ASUS Router through the web interface
4. Go to menu "USB Application" on the UI
5. Click "download master" to download the files to the USB stick
6. telnet into your router with your admin account
7. Run the following commands:
ipkg update
ipkg install net-snmp
app_set_enabled.sh net-snmp yes
8. Configure your SNMP settings in the file located here: /opt/etc/snmpd.conf
9. after config, run:
service snmpd restart
10. To restart the SNMP-service on the router.
11. Next step is to make a rule in the firewall of the ASUS router to accept SNMP traffic, replace x.x.x.x/y with your network IP-subnet; for example :
sudo iptables -A INPUT -p udp -m udp -s --dport 161 -j ACCEPT
12. Now your Asus router should be able to be monitored using SNMP.